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The Benefits of Exercising with your Child

We at The Mummy Movement know how hard it is to find the motivation and energy to start or get back into exercise after having your baby.

You’re dealing with sleepless nights, unless you’re one of the lucky few, frequent, sometimes endless, crying and the emotional rollercoaster those hormones have us on.

Adding exercising with your child into part of your routine brings countless benefits to not only the areas mentioned above but in many other ways too.

How The Mummy Movement benefits you

Let’s start with the benefits for us as mums. If you take up regular exercise after your baby is born you will:

  • See an increase in your energy levels as you start to become fitter and stronger
  • Be a healthy weight – exercising and healthy eating go hand in hand. The more you exercise the more you want to eat healthier and gain a healthier perspective on life
  • Feel better about yourself. Many new mums feel anxious to begin with – regular exercise helps to ease the symptoms of postnatal depression. If you are suffering from postnatal depression, exercising in a social environment with other mums can help you to feel better

How the Mummy Movement benefits your child

Now let’s look at the benefits that surround us and our children:

  • You get to bond with your child through exercise, no feelings of guilt having to leave them in childcare while you work out. We get them involved just by talking, laughing with them, and using them as added weight throughout the class
  • Stimulate your child – just as we gain energy through exercise and interaction, so will your child. This will hopefully lead to more settled sleep for your little one and you
  • Instill those healthy habits. The habits your child forms now can stay with them the rest of their lives. Show them that a healthy active lifestyle is both fun and important