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About The Mummy MovementMy name is Kim and I am a first time mummy to my little boy Isaac. I have been actively involved with fitness since 2013, when I set out on my own journey to be the best version of myself.

My Story

I was always the overweight friend and at 22 years old, I weighed 16 1/2 stone. I lacked confidence and the thought of exercise scared me.

In January 2013, I decided enough was enough and joined my local gym with the aim to lose some weight. What I did not expect was to fall in love with exercise and the healthy lifestyle that came with it.

Fast forward to September 2015 and the month I got married.

By now I had lost 6 1/2 stone was in the best shape of my life. I wanted to help everyone I could in any way possible to feel how I did, but I wasn’t sure how.

My fitness journey continued throughout 2016 whilst working full time then I fell pregnant. I kept thinking once my little boy was born I would easily get back to the gym and lose the excess weight.

Boy was I wrong.

There were no gyms that allowed you to take your child in with you whilst you got a workout in. Gyms that offered creches were extremely expensive and only allowed you a set amount of hours to use their creche facilities.

I enjoyed the social aspect of attending classes and knowing I was working my body in the best way possible. However, being able to attend classes seemed near impossible unless I could sort out child care every week!

The Next Step

This is when The Mummy Movement was born. I knew then I had found what it was I was looking to do back in 2015. Why should mums with children sacrifice their love for fitness?

I decided to team up with Fit Girl Company as they stand for all that The Mummy Movement is about. Empowering women to be the best version of themselves regardless of size, age and background.

This is exactly how I want other mums to feel. I want mums to feel the best they can and know that they are worthy of giving themselves and their families the best out of life.

Thats when I made the decision to leave my full time job to focus on my life as a mum, fitness lover and business owner.

I am now a qualified fitness instructor with additonal pre and post natal qualifications, looking to help others like me either start out their fitness journey or jump back into it.